Project Description

KAORI – Aki Yuri

Butterflies are the most amazing creations of nature, so beyond being admired for their beauty and power of transformation, they are also seen as a spiritual symbol, to which different meanings are associated.

The meaning or symbolism of a butterfly is considered from a mythical point of view and interpretations may vary depending on geography, culture or the simple association made by a person with an unusual event. That is why countless meanings associated with butterflies may appear worldwide and it is not difficult to find some that overlap or that are even contradictory.

The universal meaning, regardless of culture or latitude: butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation and evolution in life. This process of metamorphosis that makes them able to pass, to crawl to land enclosed within a cocoon, and then fly free in the blue sky, it’s amazing. All human beings struggle to transform their lives and evolve as a butterfly.

But in the most spiritual meaning, butterflies have been considered by many cultures as entities that can fly between the world of the living and the dead, because of the lightness of their flight. Since they connect both worlds, they are also considered to be able to transport the souls of the dead among them. In Ireland around the XVII century, it was believed that white butterflies possessed the souls of dead innocent and pure children, so killing them was forbidden.

In cultures like the Japanese it is also considered that the soul of a living or dead person can reincarnate into a butterfly. A living person can, while dreaming, project its soul or unconscious to a butterfly to then fly free in this world. While the dead can reincarnate into a butterfly to return and care for their relatives or loved ones.

Thus a reference is made to how, despite being such small and fragile insects, they can generate considerably large effects.

Therefore, in my third design, you can simply lift the wings and fly, or leave then flat and rest a moment to again take the flight again.