Project Description

KAORI – Fuyu Satsuki

In this design I was inspired by the bamboo’s trunk and its roots …

In the Far East the tree with the fastest growth of all species lives. They say that if you stand still watching it, you can watch it grow, and it is no wonder, as it grows up to 32 meters per month, which means growing a metro per day, about five centimeters per hour. It’s really amazing.

Bamboo is the fastest growing tree around the planet, perhaps the living creature with the fastest growing rate, so much so that in Japan, it is used even today as a raw material and is given great importance.

During its first seven years it grows downwards, by expanding its roots to the depths, because it’s wise and is preparing itself. It is preparing itself to later be able to achieve the greatest success and be the plant with the fastest growth rate throughout the plant kingdom.

To exit to the world strong and unwavering is not easy, you have to prepare a lot for that, and the bamboo has achieved this thanks to its seven years of root deepening.

Then it becomes so powerful that it grows 32 meters in a month, and even when cut six times, it will continue to grow up to 32 meters in one single month. That is why it is so appreciated. Because it knows how to prepare itself for success, and if misfortune falls upon it, it knows how to revive from its ashes and reach the top again starting from almost zero.

It is able to do so because of its seven root-years give it the strength to do it, its life is its root, and even when the stem is cut, it will still continue to grow.

In addition, the bamboo is still standing and growing thanks to its flexibility; any other plant or tree with a thick solid trunk cannot withstand a strong wind, because it is hard … Instead the bamboo knows how to adapt to its context, because it is flexible, adaptable and it changes when needed.

It will not surprise you then that this is a metaphor about how people could be. If we are able to have patience in cultivating ourselves, if we settle down strong roots in our identity and if we are flexible once we leave the world and we find new ways of being and exist, then we will be successful and we can face life with wisdom and grow as people by leaps and bounds.

Let us be like bamboo.